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University of Porto SPIE Student Chapter was officially formed on August 17th 2012 and it is proudly the first SPIE Student Chapter ever formed in Portugal. The creation of a Portuguese Chapter was firstly promoted by the former President of SPIE Katarina Svanberg (2011) when she attended the Summer AOP 2012 at Porto, Portugal. This idea quickly motivated a group of students to move towards the establishment of the first Portuguese Chapter.

The University of Porto SPIE Student Chapter is formed by PhD and master students (members of SPIE) from the Physics and Astronomy Department of the Sciences Faculty of University of Porto (FCUP), also associated with INESC TEC. The officers are: President André Gomes, Vice President Catarina Monteiro, Secretary Miguel Ferreira, Treasurer Vítor Amorim and the Adviser Professor José Luís Santos (from the Faculty of Science of the University of Porto).

The Chapter is engaged in promoting optics and photonics in Science and Engineering through various activities taking place throughout the school year at the University of Porto / INESC TEC, targeting younger (high school) and also undergraduate and graduate students. The proposed Plan of Activities of the University of Porto SPIE Student Chapter can be found here.

The University of Porto SPIE Student Chapter also has full support of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of FCUP, SPOF and INESC TEC.


André Gomes
President of SPIE Chapter

Catarina Monteiro

Vice-President of SPIE Chapter

Miguel Ferreira
Secretary of SPIE Chapter

Vítor Amorim
Treasurer of SPIE Chapter



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