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13th Scientific Meeting

Following the context of biosensors, the 13th Scientific Meeting will be held by Dr. Ambra Gianneti, who is visiting us over the next days. She decided to talk about an overview of the activities followed in the group were she works. The presentation is entitled "CHEMICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL OPTICAL SENSOR GROUP”. Don't miss it! Be where the real action is!
When Mar 20, 2014
from 02:00 to 03:00
Where room 006 - FC1 (Mathematics Department) - FCUP
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The Chemical and Biochemical Optical Sensor Group, placed in Florence, within the Institute of Applied Physics “Nello Carrara” of the National Research Council of Italy, plays a key role for the development of chemical and biochemical sensors, since many years.

Optical sensing has played an important role in medicine since the 1990s mainly thanks to the invasive capabilities and unique performance of the optical fibers that have allowed measurements inside the human body that would otherwise be impracticable.

The sensors for medical diagnostics can be classified in three main classes: i) invasive sensors, where the sensor enter the human body using suitable catheters/tubing; ii) minimally invasive sensors, which limit their contact with the human body, for example to the tissue, and iii) not invasive sensors, where the device has no contact with the human body and the measurement is performed on biological samples drawn from the patient.

In recent years, the importance of optics in the biomedical area has been increasing owing to the advent of nanophotonics, which is opening completely new perspectives. Thanks to the reduction of the probe size to nanoparticles, optical nanosensors have been developed, which penetrate the cell membrane and measure chemical and biochemical analytes directly inside the cell.

About Dr. Ambra Gianneti

Ambra Giannetti is currently a researcher at the Institute of Applied Physics-CNR, Florence, Italy. She graduated in pharmaceutical chemistry and technology in 2001 and received her PhD in Medical physiopathology and pharmacology in 2005, at the University of Pisa, Italy. Her research activity is focused on the study and development of optical biosensors and biosurfaces including protein and DNA treatment for preparation of active surfaces.

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