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2nd Scientific Meeting

The UP SPIE Student Chapter will host another scientific meeting, with a talk from Prof. José Luís Santos, "New Paths in Optical Sensing".
When May 03, 2013
from 02:00 to 03:00
Where FC3 -117
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Optical sensing has for long been associated with leading-edge  performance and recent developments indicate this trend will  continue. Recent progresses both at the level of well-established  optical technologies and on the uncovered of fundamental optical  science with direct impact on sensing and measurement justifies such  statement. This talk looks for an overview of those progresses,  starting with the identification of the general benefits that result  from the combination of metamaterials and optical sensing, detailing  the particular but important situation where special optical fibers are involved. Then the phenomenon of slow and fast light is  presented within the perspective of its impact in optical sensing.  The identification of the factors that determine the ultimate  resolution in classical optical sensing systems is the next targeted  subject, introducing the breakthrough associated with the  consideration of squeezed states of light in the context of  semi-classical optical sensing systems. The final part provides a glimpse of the fascinating new world of optical sensing in the realm of quantum mechanics, where truly qualitatively novel possibilities for measurement and sensing stand for discovery.

About J. L. Santos

J. L. Santos graduated in applied physics (optics and electronics) from the University of Porto (1983). He receive his Ph.D. from the same university (1993, "Multiplexing and Signal Processing in Fibre Optic Sensors"; research performed partially at the Physics Department of University of Canterbury, Kent, UK). His main research interests are in the optical fiber sensing field and in optical fiber technology. He is a full professor in the Physics Department of the University of Porto, and he was also the manager of INESC Porto Optoelectronics and Electronics Systems Unit until 2010. He is a member of OSA, SPIE, and PLANETARY SOCIETY.

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