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Members and Alumni

For a student chapter, the most important are its own members. As such, here in this page you can find all the current members of the chapter as well as every alumnus, as they are all essential for the existence of the UP SPIE Student Chapter.

Current Members

Ricardo André (Current President and former Vice President)

Nuno Silva (Current Vice President)

Catarina Monteiro (Current Secretary)

André Gomes (Current Treasurer)

Ana Rita Ribeiro (Former President and former Secretary)

Marta Ferreira (Former Secretary and former Vice President)

Ivo Nascimento (Former Treasurer)

Luís Coelho (Former President)

Manuel Marques (Former Treasurer)

Carlos Duarte Viveiros

Simão Pedro Sá

Miguel Ferreira

António Vaz Rodrigues

Narsireddy Anugu

Tiago Martins

Rita Lima

João Maia

Vítor Amorim

Joana Paiva


Raquel Queirós (Former President)

Susana Silva (Former Secretary)

Paulo Roriz de Oliveira (Former Vice President)

Hugo Martins

João Moura

Alexandre Correia

Cindy Fernandes

Ricardo Silva

Paula Tafulo

Filipe Magalhães

Daniel Passos

Nuno Alão

Hamid Hosseiny

Ivo Leite (Former Treasurer)

Hamed Moayyed


Ricardo André
President of SPIE Chapter

Nuno Silva
Vice-President of SPIE Chapter

Catarina Monteiro
Secretary of SPIE Chapter

André Gomes
Treasurer of SPIE Chapter



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