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1st Science Meeting

This initiative aims the promotion of scientific meetings between students of the University and National/International research scientists, from industry or academia, enabling an open debate and the assessment of new concepts, technologies and applications in the domain of optical technology, as well as the establishment of new collaborations and networks.

Researcher/Lecturer: Dr. Jaime Viegas
Organization: Masdar Institute of Science and Technology - Abu Dhabi
Date and Place: 31 de Outubro de 2012 - Anfiteatro FC1 004, FCUP

"Green Science in Middle East"

In the lecture were presented some of the research areas in Physics and Electrical Engineering that develop in Masdar Institute, from the development of new photovoltaic cells, optical sensors integrated systems to the design of integrated circuits for microelectronics that
Created in 2009, the Masdar Institute, is the innovative design of the government of the UAE to create a center for advanced studies in the area of renewable energy, optimizing water use and minimizing energy consumption through the development of high low-power technologies.
After the lecture the students and the lecturer come together to discuss ideas and projects for joint work between Masdar Institute and University of Porto.

Here are some photos of the event:

INESC TEC - Laboratório Associado    Universidade do Porto  spie